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Fit for Mozart

Swimming at Milan 's immense Cozzi pool, a temple in Mussolini's nationalistic 1930s, can help with the creative process, no tyranny required.

The optimistic American

In New York City, a new president and his erratic ways is roiling many daily lives.

The hell of it all

In "The Underground Railway," Colson Whitehead paints a harrowing picture of slavery.

Bilingualism and cyberspace

Blaming cyberspace for millennial shortcomings hits a dead end when applied to Italy.

The toy conference

Thinking back, "America First" and adolescence have a great deal in common.


Area 51

Toys became us

Does "America first" sound familiar? It should, since it has a long backyard history.

That's Queer

Broken Commonwealth

Commonwealth nations in Africa, Asia and the Americas won't relinquish Victorian-era sexual mores.


Bilingualism and cyberspace

Blaming cyberspace for millennial shortcomings has become something of an adult sport. But an Italian story changes the script.

Psych Dept.

Seeking oxygen

When infants distract parents with squealing and crying, the name of the game is life-giving attention.

La Una

Dances with sleep

Insomnia and its inner turmoil is often medicated and suppressed, insight with it.

American Girl

The optimistic American

In New York, a new president and his erratic ways are roiling many daily lives.

Milan Notebook

Fit for Mozart

Swimming in a Milan temple of fascism can help with the creative process, no tyranny required.

That's Life

Bumps in the dream

The author grew up dreaming of America as the Promised Land she'd eventually get to. She still will, but the promise isn't the same.


In search of oxygen


Closing Argument

A tax "break"

The IRS has changed the FBAR filing date to April 15,while adding an automatic six-month extension.


The Economist

America first — at what cost?

Donald Trump's door-slamming nationalism is likely to provoke hardcore global repercussions, some of which the U.S. may not find particularly enjoyable.


2nd Generation

Tale of two trips

Two trips to London represent to markedly different stages of one author's life.

Lost in Translation


Waiting for someone you're in love with "to come around" is a fool's errand in almost all circumstances.


In the Sticks

Rx nation

Want to know why rural Italians live so long? Start by counting counting the pills.

Free-Range Kid


Not being able to decide leads to a resolution to find the reason, which may or may not work.


Ethnic revolt

Careful choices can let you beat Rome's longtime bad rap when it comes to ethnic dining.


The $-€ saga

For a while, it looked like the dollar might even pull even with the euro. That's now unlikely.


Winter diversions

More than 100 works by Jean-Michel Basquiat in Milan, plus films in English.


Gina's Cellar

Truly natural

Natural wine is growing in popularity, but you still need to pay attention to find the genuine article.

In Provincia

Honoring Eufrasia

The author's Sicilian mother worked to prove her dignity in a time when most Italian women stayed at home.

In Cucina

To Titta

Memories of a loving grandmother can sometimes be so vivid that time stands still.

Suzanne's Taste

A comedy of manners

Minding your table manners can be extremely useful, and polite, so long as you know one size doesn't necessarily fit all.

Da Germano

Gangs of Rome

When an aging relative tells century-old tales, secret stories come spilling out, some of them about violence.


IN FOCUS: Hidden Figures

Theodore Melfi's movie about black women at NASA in the early 1960s is driven by Taraji P. Henson.

1,001 MOVIES: Hacksaw Ridge

Mel Gibson''s return to directing is a World War II epic about a heroic conscientious objector.


In Paul Verhoeven's psychological thriller, Isabelle Huppert's Mich่le Leblanc is the sum of violence and lies.


RECENT REVIEWS: War and Turpentine

A Flemish-Belgian writer "reinvents" his grandfather to brilliant and dramatic effect.

SCRIPTORIUM: The hell of it all

Colson Whitehead's "The Underground Railway" is a searing indictment of the biggest of all American crimes, slavery.

Day and Boarding International High School in the Heart of Rome

Everything you need to know about visiting or moving to Tuscany, Italy.

Pill nation
London revisited
On the other hand...
Olivia Kate Cerrone