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Rubble, mummies and lamb

Trips taken early in life, when the world seems vast and mysterious, can leave a profound imprint.

When mommy says F*@%!

Choice words can bring kids to near-war over what Mom should and shouldn't be saying.

Wanted: A New Deal

Europe badly needs investment — and lots of it — to reverse its lingering downturn.

War music

For U.S. Marine in World War I, battlefield death was mankind's cross to bear — forever.

What's with the N?

When a wife suddenly decides to "change" her name, a husband can start thinking twice.


Area 51

Ratty opinion

Once again, uncontainable rhetoric is getting the better of flashpoint Ukraine.

La Una

Tales from the crypt

Working in Italy for non-Italian bosses can seem like paradise — until you're 'too American.'

In the Sticks

Tall tales

Centuries of malaria swelled Tuscany's la Maremma with stories about ghouls.

American Girl

Fit to print

Today's "good news" can make yesterday's accomplishments seem heroic.

Fuori Mappa

I am so indie

The indie music festival Musica Importante a Milano featured strong acts and serious playfulness.

History 102

The historian

The legacy of Oriana Fallaci grows more powerful as media questioning softens.

Milan Notebook

A father's sense

Victim-hood and concepts of responsibility often clash, which is why paternal roadmaps help.

Psych Dept.

Rethinking stress

Stress becomes true to its connotation only when human building girders are left out.


Germany's will


Closing Argument

The Lamborghini IV

Disregard for the law can push some expats beyond the reach of tax amnesties.


The Economist

Wanted: A New Deal

Europe needs major new investment it wants to reverse its lingering downturn.


The Game

A will and a way

Germany's World Cup triumph demonstrated how a talented puzzle becomes whole.



When mommy says F*@%!

Choice words can lead some kids to demand a repeat performance, or just the opposite.

2nd Generation

The underbelly

Tourists come to Rome in droves, but they only scratch the surface of its realities.


Off. Again.

The "perfect" relationship can veer toward the imperfect because of a big little thing.

That's Queer

Something about Mary

Italian lesbians face social challenges more stubborn than those that confront gay men.

Lost in Translation

The deep end

Finding a man you want to stick with can be all about holding your breath.


Rye Wyt

Mrs. Joel N. Stein

A change of heart yields an epic decision (sort of), but honey, what's with the N?


The perfect animal

How a college boy treats his cat can presage what life's behavior has in store.


War music

Lothar R. Long: "We are on the march to the Rhine, hard on the heels of Herr Hun."

The Farm


Who do you root for? Your adopted country or the place you left behind?


Rubble, mummies and lamb

Trips taken early in life, when the world seems vast and mysterious, can leave a profound imprint.

La Straniera

Keyboard crumbs

Adjusting to life post-Italy deepens an awareness of cultural differences.



Rule by Mastodon

Atlanta's Mastodon finally puts all the pieces together on "Once More 'Round the Sun."


Beating the rap

The Vatican and nearby Prati too often get a ill-deserved culinary reputation.


The power riddle

Deciding whether 3 kilowatts suffices in your flat depends mostly on appliances.


High summer

"Forms of Seduction" at Rome's Galleria Nazionale, also films in English.


In Cucina

The rules

For tourists, dining well in Rome hinges on knowing what you're getting into and adjusting expectations.

Suzanne's Taste

No pheasant required

Picnics may no longer be trending, but they remain God's gift to travel and food.

Tasting Notes

What's in a label?

Deciphering Italian wines means being able to translate what's written on the bottle.

Da Germano

Life with L-Boy

Whether it's playing baby rapper or asking questions about death, kids can own your clock.

In Provincia

Experimental man

What do you get before you marry a man who smears stinky cheese on a calf? A recipe.


IN FOCUS: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Good intentions don't save Wes Anderson's latest from a kind of historical identity crisis.

NOW&THEN: Party Girl

Three French directors give a middle-aged reveler a new look on life.

ON FILM: Nowhere to hide

Bergman's 1968 "Shame" made it clear there was no civilian shelter from war's storm.


DON'T MISS: Can't and Won't

Lydia Davis has a problem: she can't not display her ingenious bravura.

SCRIPTORIUM: In miniature

Jessie Burton's debut puts Holland's Golden Age into occasionally sinister focus.

FICTION PICKS: The Unknown Quantity

Hermann Broch's novel of the life and times of a 1920s mathematician is sadly overlooked.

Everything you need to know about visiting or moving to Tuscany, Italy.

Rethinking stress
Fallaci's legacy
The perfect animal
Lamborghini IV
Off. Again.