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Restaurants in Veneto

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After my amusing first lunch amidst gondoliers, two subsequent visits turned up merely adequate fare and fewer laughs. Locals tend to eat in the back on the scarred wooden tables, tourists toward the front with the piazza view. If lacklustre-to-average will do — in Venice, the alternative often is worse — then show up for the pranzo di operaio daily luncheon special comes in under €10 or order the mixed fried fish. — Judy Edelhoff

Castello 4357, Venice, IT-VE Map
Tel. 041.522.4292
Closed Sundays


Carpe Adriano.

The motto, in dialect, reads: "Magnammo e ppo' vevimmo pechhè quando murimmo chissà si' all' auto munno taverne nce truvammo." In a nutshell, "Let’s live and eat because when we die who knows if we’ll find a restaurant." (Let alone a good one) And this one is. Adriano is all about seafood (chateaubriand offers you the only substantial meat relief). Cuttlefish risotto. Shrimp with Calabrian sausage (the north-deep south mix that works well here). Turbot, bass, and grilled seafood skewers of all kinds. Beware Saturday night. The place is hot. No lunch on Monday. — Katrina Maiano

Major Credit Cards  
Via Moschini, 26, Verona, IT-VR Map
Tel. 045.913.877
Closed Sundays

Al Fontego dei Pescatore  

Al Fontega's mazzancolle.

Loris Manna left behind his market fishmonger days on the Rialto, brought his expertise indoors, and now runs this hip seafood haven. Excellent fish, jazz in the background, and outdoor seating in a small garden (or inside in a pleasantly modern ambience) make for enjoyable dining. Loris selected a refreshing Prosecco to begin, then paired the meal with a lovely Tokai, one of Friuli’s intriguing white wines. Raw fish antipasto "l’orologio" (eat it clockwise) was drizzled with a bit of Ligurian olive oil. It included a delectable array of shrimp, tuna, bronzino, coda di rospo, sole and mazzancolle — and at the center of the "clock" a few drops of precious 40-year-old balsamic vinegar that also accompanied other fish.

Tagliolini con radicchio and scampi pleasantly contrasted the sweetness of shrimp with Treviso’s star veggie. Fried calamari combined with vegetables grown on the Island of St. Erasmus tempura style, were fresh, light, and bursting with flavor. Nice price: €43 for 3 courses. — Judy Edelhoff

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Cannaregio 3726, Calle Priuli, Venice, IT-VE Map
Tel. 041.520.0538
Closed Thursdays

Al Timon  

Falpalà di prosciutto con ricotta affumicata.

The four or five scarred wooden tables, the ceiling beams, and a blackboard owner’s eclectic wines favorites are reason enough to stop at the Al Timon wine bar. Here, you can savor Gulfi’s excellent Nero D’Avola by the glass — hard to find even on its own Sicilian turf — and compare it to Poderuccio’s. Or try a local Schioppettino. Window tables overlooks the canal. Jerry Lee Lewis’ "Great Balls of Fire" was on the soundtrack as the waitress advised me, "Take break from all that local cuisine and sardines in saor, have the eggplant." She was right, and at €6.50 (incredible!), it hit the spot. Salami and meat platters, salads, and a few hot specials round out the menu. A few outside tables along the canal. Lunch, dinner, in-between. — Judy Edelhoff

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Fondamenta dei Ormesini, Cannaregio 2745, Venice, IT-VE Map
Tel. 346.320.9978
Closed Sundays, Closed Mondays

Andrea Zanin  

Zanin's sweets.

The artistic windows are so alluring they're like pastry sirens tempting passing sailors. Fortunately, here the quality matches the beauty and no one gets shipwrecked. Show up early for breakfast rolls or select perfect pastries and little cakes. This is an ideal place to pick up a hostess gift. Monday-Saturday 7:30 a.m.-8 p.m., Sunday 9:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m. — Judy Edelhoff

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Piazza San Marco 4589, Venice, IT-VE Map
Tel. 041.522.4803
Open Daily

Ca' Pesaro  

— Judy Edelhoff

Fondamenta Pesaro, 2078, Venice, IT-VE Map
Tel. 8480.82000 /+39.041.4273.0892

Caffè Florian  

Florian is picture perfect.

Nothing beats this bar for sheer beauty. Its 1720 interior is delightfully frescoed, adorned with antique mirrors, cushy red seats, and small marble or wood tables. Outside in warmer months one can sit in what Napoleon called "the world’s greatest salon." Piazza San Marco and the Florian remain contenders for world’s most beautiful and romantic square and bar, where an orchestra plays outdoors. Restaurants on great squares generally are not the place to dine. Dine, no, but one can snack well here. So have a dainty salmon panino (€13) with Prosecco (€11), or champagne. Or have a cappuccino with homemade pastries. The gelato (€10-12), also homemade, are even better. A simple snack is likely to run €25 and up. A cover charge applies if the orchestra is playing, but one can linger inside or out for hours. 10 a.m.-11p.m. Open daily in summer. Closed Wednesday November through February. — Judy Edelhoff

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Piazza San Marco, Venice, IT-VE Map
Tel. 041.520.5641
Closed Wednesdays

Caffè Torrefazione Costarica di Venezia  

Espresso from Camillo.

A great cup of coffee — espresso or cappuccino — is right here where Camillo Marchi’s family mixes their own blend and toasts coffee beans daily. Drink it at the bar, then bring beans home, or both. Open 8-1 p.m/3:30 p.m-7. Closed in August. — Judy Edelhoff

Cash Only  
Cannaregio, 1337, Venice, IT-VE Map
Tel. 041.716.371
Closed Sundays

Corte Sconta  

The fine Corte Sconta.

Lucia and her relatives opened this restaurant in 1980 and customers settle in to a warm welcome. On the approach one might regret that it has no outside piazza for dining, but step inside and it reveals a lovely hidden courtyard covered with a grape arbor. The seafood display is tempting and preparations keep flavors intact. Raw fish makes an excellent start. The ombrina is marinated gently in lemon and parsley while the tuna is marinated in a hint of balsamic vinegar, both accompanied by shredded celery root. Chef Marco uses ginger to liven up clams in a white wine broth. Grancevola al vapore is a bright red large spider crab, steamed, its meat extracted and served in its shell, with olive oil from Verona and pepper to lightly drizzle as desired. Its flavor is too good to cover up with sauces or other preparations.

The first wine was a Ribolla by Gravner, then another by Radikon, both white wines deep golden in color. The latter with its hint of herbs and wild apple perfectly paired with the artichoke bottoms, a must if they are on the menu. Lucia has an eye for interesting wines, so do give the list a look or ask for suggestions. A passito like Frigidus from Fattoria San Lorenzo makes a nice conclusion to the meal. The hazelnut savarin dessert with mint-flavored peaches and orange gel is ideal for those that like a lighter dessert, but the menu has many options. (€50 for 3 courses). Closed Jan. 7-Feb. 7 and July 15-August 15. — Judy Edelhoff

Castello 3886, Calle del Pestrin, Venice, IT-VE Map
Tel. 041.522.7024
Closed Sundays, Closed Mondays

De Rossi "Il Fornaio"  

Before the Arena...

Maybe if Romeo and Juliet had made a quick trip here for their picnic basket, events in Verona would have ended better. The bread’s the thing: try the walnut bread or get the 'fixins for a sandwich. Sweets for the sweet, too. Ideal to put together an al fresco snack before going to the Arena to watch others meet their fates or to take back to your own love nest. Open until 7:30 p.m. — Judy Edelhoff

Corso Porta Borsari, 3, Verona, IT-VR Map
Tel. 045.800.2489
Closed Sundays

Enoteca della Valpolicella  

Valpolicella abounds...

On the grounds of the Corteforte estate, Valpolicella is naturally everywhere to seen and tasted in this enoteca. Tasting is a given, but it would be a mistake to drown yourself in wine at the expense of the cuisine. Stracotta di manzo al Amarone (beef marinated with wine and vegetables and slow cooked) is delectable. The tagliatelle are homemade. The 15th century cantina is still intact and worth a walk-through. — Katrina Maiano

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Via Osan, 45, Fumane, IT-VR Map
Tel. 045.683.9146
Closed Mondays

Fiaschetteria Toscana  

Fiaschetteria Toscana's monkfish.

Warm hosts, an inviting atmosphere — indoors or out in the piazza — and superb cuisine keep locals loyal for decades and savvy tourists delighted. Start with a glass of bubbly like Uberti Franciacorta Spumante and sink into tartare di tonno, raw tuna subtly enhanced with a celery and kiwi sauce (€14). Despite its name and a few meat options like Chianina steak, this is a bastion of Venetian fish and seafood, an excellent opportunity to sample the wonders of the Venice lagoon and sea. Schei condite are tiny grey Lagoon shrimp, very delicately seasoned so their natural sweet flavor prevails, served with white polenta (€16). Local sole with firm flavorful flesh was served “in saor” with a pickled onion sauce. At this point the rest of the meal was happily washed down with the slightly smoky white wine, Tarvianaaz by Vittorio Graziano, which is what my two handsome Italian table neighbors were drinking. Very fine black tagliolini was served piping hot with glorious bits of Mediterranean lobster.

If you’ve pined away for soft-shelled Chesapeake Bay crabs, just try moeche, the Venetian spidery crab lightly battered and so perfectly fried (€28), it not only cured my nostalgia but left me with the desire to return for a meal of these sublime creatures. Such finesse exalts the flavors of the fish and seafood, but never covers them. For a survey of the wonders of the Venetian sea, this is a grand stage. No wonder regulars return frequently (including director Ang Lee who in 2006 scribbled “I got drunk here last year…” in the guest book)

The wine list is interesting and varied, well beyond the usual suspects. Don’t overlook desserts, the lemon pastry cream supported by a buttery crust, topped with fragolini (tiny strawberries), and laced with a fresh raspberry sauce (€9) was divine. No lunch on Wednesday. — Judy Edelhoff

Major Credit Cards  
Salizada San Giovanni Grisostomo, 5719, Venice, IT-VE Map
Tel. 041.528.5281
Closed Tuesdays

Harry's Bar  

Dress for Harry's.

On high alert for signs of cliché, staleness, or an abundance of Hawaiian shirts, I instead found a place that fits like a glove. No silly celebrity photos plastered on the wall. Instead well-seasoned and positioned wood bar and tables around which are perched well-heeled customers. Having mistakenly pinched one of the regular’s newspapers while sipping my refreshing Bellini (sweetened with restraint, thank goodness), my second surprise was that Venetians actually frequent the place. The waiters are like big teddy bears, not so handsome you’ll notice them but there when you need them. They deliver favorite drinks or dishes exactly as regulars remember them. The spinach and cheese ravioli are light as a feather. Tagliolini covered with ham and cheese, perfect comfort food, is easily a meal in itself. The substantial Sunday special of ossobuco with risotto alla Milanese is delicious. Excellent desserts, too. The bar has been a celebrity watering hole for over half a century.

Unless you’re Ernest Hemingway, plan to dress stylishly or you may slink back out as the host confides, "I’m sorry, we have a dress code." Also bring plenty of dough. Meal tabs hit €85-100 with ease. Presumably named for Papa’s business partner, son Arrigo (Harry) Cipriani now is at the helm of the food empire. Although he had a tough act to follow, Cipriani runs the joint with flair and precision. Fortunately the gondola station is right outside, so one can float away in contentment. Hours 10:30 a.m.-11 p.m. — Judy Edelhoff

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Sestiere San Marco, 1323, Venice, IT-VE Map
Tel. 041.528.5777
Open Daily

Il Cenacolo  

Off the Bra...

Another Piazza Bra mixed bag. Cuisine is traditional but look toward the ample grill since it dishes up excellent meats and vegetables. The pasta (maceroni, tortellini and risotto) is acceptable but hardly special. So go for the charred stuff and a bottle of Valpolicella. Lots of big tables since the place has lots of conference deals going with hotels and local associations. Nothing wrong with that unless you had a romantic evening in mind. — Katrina Maiano

Via Teatro Filarmonico, 10, Verona, IT-VR Map
Tel. 045.592.288
Closed Tuesdays

Il Desco  

Michelin-anointed Desco.

Michelin-beloved Verona fusion (extra-virgin "gelato" anyone?) that’s as tasty as it is overpriced (hard to walk out for under a €100 a head). Still, if you have the cash and revel in visionary cooking, go for it. Examples from Chef Elia Rizzo: Guinea fowl with chocolate sauce and balsamic vinegar, beef cheeks in cinnamon sauce and cloves, risotto with celery and sweetbread ragout and shrimp purée, suckling pig flavored with mint. Dessert offers melon slices with Port Granita and pancakes with ricotta and hot forest fruits. Closed Christmas to January 10. — Katrina Maiano

Major Credit Cards  
Vicolo San Sebastiano, 7, Verona, IT-VR Map
Tel. 045.595.358
Closed Sundays

L’Angolo Della Pizza di Bacco  

Cheap slices...

Another stand-up-and-dine scenario, here pizza by the slice is worthwhile. At €2.50 a slice this makes for an inexpensive lunch or a snack to tide you over before a late dinner in Venice. Good assortment and quality. — Judy Edelhoff

Cash Only  
Cannaregio, 1588-89, Venice, IT-VE Map
Tel. 041.717.453
Closed Sundays

L’Osteria di Santa Marina  

Fagottini con scampi e ravioli neri con branzino.

Elaborate cuisine that avoids eccentricity is chef Agostino’s style. He went creative in 1995 and hasn’t veered. Sip a Carmina Prosecco while you peruse his innovations. The raw fish is good. A platter might include shrimp, tuna, red mullet in a subtle orange sauce, and swordfish with pink peppercorns. Baked pilgrim scallops are on a puree of fresh green peas accented with a swirl of basil oil. Barley prepared risotto-style with cuttlefish ink rests on a sauce of pureed pumpkin and is topped with grilled shrimp. Grilled tiny calimaretti were on a bed of mash potatoes lightly fragrant with lime. Red mullet was enriched with fois gras. The selected red was Livon Refosco 2003, which nicely balanced the meal’s richness. While others swooned over mille foglie or other creamy pastries, after this tour de force the pineapple carpaccio with its own sorbet was appealingly fresh and light. The Madrigal Primitivo di Manduria Passito concluded the meal in style. Coffee was served with tiny homemade cookies, the almond being especially good. Service is attentive. — Judy Edelhoff

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Campo Santa Marina, 5911, Venice, IT-VE Map
Tel. 041.528.5239
Closed Sundays

Latteria Ronchi  

Formaggio nel sacco.

No matter that Latteria Ronchi cheese shop is tiny, all of the local and regional cheeses are well-selected and superbly fragrant. In this case, consider "tiny" the highest possible praise. — Judy Edelhoff

Cash Only  
San Polo, 1053, Venice, IT-VE Map
Tel. 041.523.0589
Closed Sundays

Le Bistrot de Venise  

Le Bistro de Venise: Care and attention.

Rightly ado about wine: some 510 by the glass, more by the bottle. Rarely does a restaurateur track down sich interesting and rare assortment of regional and national wines. Sip a Prosecco like Torchiato di Fregona while you peruse the wine list; if confused, let the staff choose. The owner’s passion for historic Venetian recipes expands options. Order the Sample Historic Venetian Cuisine Menu (€68) or á la carte. Flavors have been softened a bit from the 14th and 15th-century, when piling on spices indicated wealth.

Scampi in Saor, battered fried shrimp enhanced with sweet-and-sour onions, slivered almonds, Turkish grapes and spices like saffron (€20), nicely paired with Malvasia di Candia by Camillo Donati, deep golden slightly fizzy white wine. Veal cheeks stewed with apples and sweet spices (€20) nicely paired with a Reboso from the Veneto, Tezze di Piave by Cecchetto. Lamb with leeks superbly paired with pumpkin gnocchi that had a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg. Ombrina in Saor de Uva e Aglita Gialla, local fish marinated in brine with black grapes and a paste made of yellow garlic and almond pudding. A few more wines were tossed down for good measure, with a passito from Friuli for grand finale. The bar makes for lively mingling and dining rooms are bistro style wood and glass. Closed December 10-25 — Judy Edelhoff

Major Credit Cards  
Calle dei Fabbri, Venice, IT-VE Map
Tel. 041.523.6651
Open Daily

Le Cafè  

Le Cafè: dainty and tasty.

Gem-like pastries glisten, the aroma is divine, and the bar is likely to be full of Venetians in for a quick hit, either indulging their sweet tooth or nibbling the nicely made panini or good salty snacks with a Prosecco. Everything here is dainty and tasty, perfect for light-and-on-the-run days. Hours 8:30 a.m.-9 p.m. — Judy Edelhoff

Cash Only  
Campo Santo Stefano, 2797, Venice, IT-VE Map
Tel. 041.523.7201
Closed Tuesdays

Displaying 1 thru 20 of 29 restaurants.
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