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Restaurants in Lombardia

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Porta Venezia, 1908.

Warm, elegant ambiance and creative cookery make this upscale trattoria worth the visit. Despite the airy, open space in what were once stalls for carriage and horses, the soft light and Liberty décor keep the feel intimate. At lunch, dinner dishes run a third of the price. Near the Porta Venezia arch. — Aaron Maines

Major Credit Cards  
Via P. Castaldi, 33, Milan, IT-MI Map
Tel. 02.2952.6668
Open Daily

Paglia e Fieno Bistrot  

Paris in Turin.

This cozy little French Bistro, located in what was the cantina of a historic building, has vaulted ceilings and rustic décor. Still, with only eight tables, the place feels open and comfortable. So comfortable, in fact, that you feel like you're eating with old friends. The menu, written on a chalkboard near the entrance, is based on what the chef gets fresh daily. But there's usually something to suit any taste: escargot appetizer (appetizers run €8-10) and as a first course a bed of homemade tagliatelli topped with chicken apple spice sauce (first courses between €8-12). The salad was the most tantalizing part of the meal: a bed of greens and fresh sweet cherry tomatoes, toasted pine nuts covered in a melted goat cheese topping — simple yet delightful (they offered several different salads each €8-10). Deserts included tarte tatain, crème brulee, or panna cotta. To top it all off we ended with the owner’s mother’s homemade limoncello. Wine list is good, topped with the deep reds of the Piemonte. Open for dinner only. — Jennifer Lee

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Corso Fiume, 11c, Turin, IT-TO Map
Tel. 011.660.4036
Closed Mondays

Paper Moon  

PM is a celebrity hangout.

Handy to the restaurant-scarce Quadrilatero, Paper Moon is a cross between your neighborhood place and a celebrity hangout. Clients include families from this wealthy area, professionals, football players, and television stars. What the menu lacks in originality it makes up for in consistency — reliable pizza and cotoletta. Otherwise it is Tuscan based. Reliable and friendly its 1980s décor with film star pix stills still holds up. Open until 12:30 a.m. — Madeleine Johnson

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Via Bagutta, 1, Milan, IT-MI Map
Tel. 02.7602.2297
Open Daily

Pizza Ok  

86 toppings to choose from.

Pizza is almost the only item on the menu at this popular spot which has added locations since it opened near Corso Buenos Aires in the Porta Venezia area. The pizza (86 toppings to chose from) is extra thin and very good. Take out or eat in. Two other locations in addition the one listed below: Via San Siro 9; tel. 02.4801.7132 and Via Cenisio, 19; tel 02.3361.4582. — Madeleine Johnson

Cash Only  
Via Lambro, 15, Milan, IT-MI Map
Tel. 02.2940.1272
Open Daily

Pizzeria Naturale  

Organic pizzas, cheap and good.

The menu of delicious organic pizzas is rounded out by a wide variety of side dishes (including minestrone and quiches). The locale is invitingly old-style. Excellent and prompt service. To my knowledge, the best value for your money in Milan. — Daniele Vitale

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Via Edmondo De Amicis, 24, Milan, IT-MI Map
Tel. 02.839.5710
Closed Mondays

Pizzeria Spontini  

Steer clear on crowded Sundays.

Avoid this Milan institution on Sunday evenings when lines of patient customers returning from the weekend fuori porte wait patiently for some "slices" (they are more like slabs) to take home. The thick pizza with its fluffy crust and flavor of wood smoke is worth it. You can sit down inside, which is not a bad idea if you have ordered the only other thing on the menu; lasagna. But close your eyes if you object to bright lights and Formica. Conveniently located just off main shopping street Corso Buenos Aires. — Madeleine Johnson

Cash Only  
Corso Buenos Aires, 6 (entrance on Via Spontini around the corner), Milan, IT-MI Map
Tel. 02.204.7444
Open Daily

Premiata Pizzeria  

Nicola's in the kitchen.

Old-fashioned decor with long wooden tables and delicious pizzas offset the ear-splitting din made by dozens of yappy locals sitting side-by-side in what amounts to a glorified echo chamber. What makes Premiata particularly appealing in Milan's early-to-bed context are the hours. It's one of the few central places (Navigli) that's open late — although don't expect anything but pizza after 10:30 p.m.

Seating is a free-for-all, service about the same, and prices low. The pizza variety worth the madness. Favorites: "Prosciuto e arugula" (raw ham and rocket), "Viennese" (tomato, mozzarella, sausage), "Messicana" (tomato, mozzarella, white beans, peppers, oregano, hot sausage, "Pesto" (mozzarella and pesto sauce) and "Tirolese" (mozzarella, fontina cheese from valdostana, Belgian salad, and speck). Bottled beers include Beck's, Bud, Ceres and Corona.

If pizza isn't your wish, there are the usual pastas and meat course to choose from, as well as salads and cheese or salumi platters made for two.

Expect lines. At least they bring you wine while you're waiting. A pizza meal runs about €20-25 per person. You can also book a paella by calling two days ahead. — Madeleine Johnson

Bank Cards (Bancomat), Cash Only  
Via E. De Amicis, 22, Milan, IT-MI Map
Tel. 02.8940.6075
Closed Tuesdays


Take in the galleria...

Leave no stone unturned is the motto in food, style, and appearance. Sicilian Giuseppe Gatto moved to Milan decades ago to combine southern opulence with Milan chic. You want lavish old-school luxury, this is it. Period furnishings create sophisticated surroundings that, combined with impeccable service, make for a unique (and outlandishly costly) lunch or evening. Some tables are partitioned off to give diners maximum privacy. House specialties include risotto al salto, a pancake of rice; osso buco and veal cutlet. Ice cream with vanilla from Madasgascar. In the Turin Hotel. — David R. Deropolous

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Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan, IT-MI Map
Tel. 02.7200.3433
Closed Sundays

Tano Passami l'Olio  

Oven-cooked duck in sauce.

Home of some of the most innovative home cooking in Milan, Tano is small, with a romantic atmosphere, and noteworthy for offering a choice of 40 varieties of olive oil. Reservations strongly advised. Not cheap: €60-80 per person. The name essentially means "Pass me the olive oil." The chef, meanwhile, is Gaetano Simonato, nicknamed "Tano". Invention is the name of the game here. Consider Riso Carnaroli cotto nel latte con cioccolato bianco, fave, crema nera di melanzana e tortino bianco di melanzana — Organic Canaroli rice cooked in milk with white chocolate, lima beans, black eggplant sauce with white eggplant cake. — Suzanne Bush

Major Credit Cards  
Via Vigevano, 32/a, Milan, IT-MI Map
Tel. 02.839.4139
Closed Sundays


Trendy as in Tintero.

The ultimate in Milanese trendy, Tintero is practically a who's who of the modern fashion world. The cuisine here is light and mostly fish. Its late 90s chic atmosphere is aimed at diners for whom looking good is a professional requirement. Eros Ramazzotti purportedly swears by the seafood here. The softly-lit bar is a popular favorite for evening aperitivi. Recommended: fritto misto and tuna tartar. Reservations advised. — Aaron Maines

Major Credit Cards  
Via Quintino Sella, 2, Milan, IT-MI Map
Tel. 02.861.418
Closed Sundays

Trattoria Montina  

Run by twin brothers...

Twin brothers Roberto and Maurizio Montina are the jovial giants who run this upscale Italian eatery. Chef Roberto directs the kitchen while Maurizio moves table-to-table, entertaining clientele, furnishing culinary suggestions and even bursting into song when the mood strikes. Recommended: Crostini caldi con prosciutto e brie, il 'vero' hamburger, torta di pera e cioccolato. Reservations advised. — Aaron Maines

Via G.C. Procaccini, 54, Milan, IT-MI Map
Tel. 02.349.0498
Closed Sundays


The unconventional at Unco.

Not a UN agency but short for Unconventional Restaurant, this new eatery brings Catalan-style tapas to Milan’s fashionable Navigli neighborhood. The fixed menus accent the restaurant’s underlying fusion philosophy; falafel, sushi, nachos, samosas and pâtè. Expensive, around €45 per person, but there’s always a price to pay when you’re pasta-ed out. Lunch menu €15. — Elisabetta Povoledo

Via Pavia, 8, Milan, IT-MI Map
Tel. 02.5810.8230
Closed Sundays

Displaying 21 thru 32 of 32 restaurants.
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