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Restaurants in Emilia-Romagna

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Agriturismo Frascineti  

Leave room for cookies...

This is a picturesque family-run restaurant and hotel in the Imola countryside featuring cookies courtesy of Nonna Lucia. Two generations help her serve regional specialties applauded for their simplicity. From tortellini di ricotta with butter and sage to roast rabbit and grilled tomatoes, Frascineti is about eating well and in large quantities. Try the home-made biscuits, but leave room for the semi-freddo di mascarpone doused in melted chocolate. — Monica Larner

Via Chiesa Pediano, 2, Imola, IT-BO Map
Tel. 0542.657.016
Open Daily

Antico Ristorante Benso  

A famed Bolognese institution, BensoCuisine is frequented by both fans and footballers, who occupy its labyrinthine network of subtly-lit rooms. No-nonsense Bolognese cuisine adds to the flavor. Reservations required. Open 12:30–2:30 p.m. and 7:30-11:30 p.m. Closed in August. — David R. Deropolous

Major Credit Cards  
Vicolo San Giobbe, 3, Bologna, IT-BO Map
Tel. 051.223.904
Closed Sundays


Dining and jazz at Bentivoglio.

The best place to hear live jazz in Bologna. Set in a cavernous cellar with an extensive wine list to match a basic menu of pasta and meat. Over 400 labels and discarded bottles line the walls as proof. Reservations strongly advised on weekends. Lunch: 12:15-2:45 p.m.; dinner 8 p.m.-2 a.m. daily. — David R. Deropolous

Via Mascarella, 4/b, Bologna, IT-BO Map
Tel. 051.265.416

Dolci Fantasie  

Perfect cornetti.

Well-named. Sweet fantasy is right. They stick long-drink umbrellas in their tarts, fill cornetti with cream and fruit to resemble mini-birthday cakes, and keep single sized packets of Ambrosini honey near the sugar. I wandered into this bar near the vecchia porta in a very bad I-just-got-out-of-bed-mood and came back within minutes later to ask what they had done to the cornetto, which melted in my mouth. “That was the best cornetto I've ever eaten,” I told them. The secret: pasta sfoglia, crema e ricotta with a few raisins thrown in as a pleasurable after-thought. They have desserts galore, all of them pretty to look at. Even the tramezzini are dressed-up: rughetta and bresaola on mustard-colored sesame and caraway seed bread with a touch of mayonnaise. — Judy Edelhoff

Cash Only  
Via Cesarea, 3, Ravenna, IT-RA Map
Tel. 338.503.9553
Closed Wednesdays

Gallo d'Oro  

Book ahead at the rooster...

Movie posters and antiques contribute to the slightly faux-chic in this simple, pleasant place run by the same people that run Trattoria Corrieri. There’s a terrace in summer, which helps. Tortelli (of all kinds) are a sure thing — the tortelli di erbetta (pasta stuffed with ricotta and herbs) are recommended. Nice chicken breast in parmesan and prosciutto, a unique if simple Emilian concoction. Be careful with the website: The volume will blow you out of your seat, a common enough occurrence in Italy. Booking ahead is a must. — Corinna Amendola

Major Credit Cards  
Borgo della Salina 3, Parma, IT-PR Map
Tel. 0521.208.846
Closed Sundays

I Tri Siochètt  

Casual traditional...

Good traditional food in casual setting. Here, you'll find fine prosciutto and culatello (euphemistically called "the heart" of the ham).Tortelloni are plump with pureed pumpkin or erbetta (wild greens). Pork or wild boar is a good bet. The local lambrusco is a must, a full-bodied smoky-tasting violet-hued fizzy wine much like what the locals residents eat at home. Closed August 7-21. — Judy Edelhoff

Major Credit Cards  
Strada Farnese, 74, Parma, IT-PR Map
Tel. 0521.968.870
Closed Mondays

Il Gattò  

Good and simple.

Walk through the travel agency and past the clothes and accessories it also sells and back to the dining room and garden and you could be in Provence. At least the cream colored ceramic plates and wrought iron tables could make you think that. As for the food, it is "updated" Neopolitan and standard Italian without being fussy; orecchiette with ragu, a veal roast with curry, vitello tonné made without mayonnaise and international desserts such as tarte tatin and a chocolate mouse cake (with real, vanilla ice cream, not Italian crema).

The crowd is stylish but not fashionable, youthful but not young and more international than this residential neighborhood would suggest. The menu is too cute by half, but what is on it — and it changes often — is satisfying without being too solid. The open kitchen is lively and the unprofessional waiters endearing. Appetizers from €8 to €11 and secondi between €12 and €22. A good place to choose when you want something a bit special but not fancy and good simple but not a trattoria (either the real or reconstituted variety). — Madeleine Johnson

Major Credit Cards  
Via Castel Morrone, 10, Milan, IT-MI Map
Tel. 02.7000.6870
Closed Sundays

La Filoma  

Risotto mantecato.

Hustle-bustle hubbie Bruno runs the floor while his almost alarmingly extroverted wife Marzia works magic in cucina. She has been running restaurants for over 40 years (as she’s all too happy to tell you), and her delightful dishes are the proof. The risotto mantecato con tartufo e "veste" di culatello is extraordinary. No lunch on Wednesday. — Aaron Maines

Major Credit Cards  
Borgo 20 Marzo 15, Parma, IT-PR Map
Tel. 0521.206.181
Closed Tuesdays

La Providenza  

Providential Zuppa Inglese

Pasta Ferrarese or pasticcio di maccheroni is a delicate macaroni mixed with veal in béchamel sauce covered with a sweet pastry crust — smooth and delicate. The bollito selection was excellent: boiled beef, chicken, cotechino, hoof, and tongue. Mashed potatoes with salame da sugo, pork salami that is boiled for hours and served crumbled on top. Zuppa Inglese is a sponge cake with cream, homemade cherry preserves, and colored red with Atkemes liqueur, sweet but not cloying. Sunday and Monday night closed for dinner. — Judy Edelhoff

Major Credit Cards  
Corso Ercole 1 D’Este, 92, Ferrara, IT-FE Map
Tel. 0532.205.187
Closed Sundays, Closed Tuesdays

Nuovo Notai  

Truffles, mushrooms, and ragú a

This is mushroom and truffle heaven. In fact, most of Nuovo Notai's dishes use them in one form or another, which makes for a delectable array of sauces and stuffings in the Tuscan tradition. The green asparagus tart is appetizing, as is castagne alla fiamma (flaming cheshnuts). This stylish, expensive, central and centrally located dining that reflects pan-Italian cooking without limiting itself to Bologna staples. At best, it's a delight. At worst, it's inconsistent. — David R. Deropolous

Major Credit Cards  
Via de Pignatari, 1, Bologna, IT-BO Map
Tel. 051.228.694
Closed Sundays

Osteria dell’Infedele  

In from the arcades...

Former Prime Minister Romano Prodi’s hangout (when here, he lives on the same street), this small osteria tucked behind Piazza Santo Stefano is an ideal place for quiet time. Dim lighting adds to the Parisian ambience with film memorabilia adorning the walls. Grab a board of prosciutto or cheese to soak up the beer on tap and while away a couple of hours, even if you are not inclined to spend it talking about politics. Open: 7 p.m.-2:30 a.m. — David R. Deropolous

Major Credit Cards  
Via Gerusalemme, 5a, Bologna, IT-BO Map
Tel. 051.239.456
Closed Sundays

Osteria di Rubbiara  

Irascible, brilliant Mr. Italo...

Leave your feminist inclinations and your cellular phone at the door when you come to Italo Pedroni’s eatery just a few kilometers east of Modena. If there are two things this grumpy owner won’t stand for: Serving women first and subjecting customers to ring tones. The payoff for the rough treatment is excellent home cooking ("Qui si mangia così e si mangia quel che c'è"). The Osteria di Rubbiara markets its own aceto balsamico aged 25, 50 and 75 years. No reservations or credit cards. Open daily for working folks for lunch and dinner. If you're not among them (and you're not if you're reading this), book ahead to eat or to visit the vinegar basement. — Monica Larner

Cash Only  
Via Risaia, 2, Rubbiara di Nonantola, IT-MO Map
Tel. 059.549.019
Closed Mondays

Osteria La SanGiovesa  

For discerning locals.

Named for the wine for which Romagna is known, getting a bottle of this serious red seems nearly obligatory, and won't disappoint. The specialty here is piadine, a white flat bread stuffed with soft cheese and prosciutto. Their combination includes mixing zucchine and mint with ricotta. For a secondo, try roast pork and oven-roasted potatoes. The rowdier front room (the real osteria) yields to a subdued back area where couples keep to themselves and work at eating well. The regulars — city has a population of 7,000 — have high standards. — Kristine Crane

Major Credit Cards  
Piazza Simone Balacchi, 14, Santarcangelo di Romagna, IT-RN Map
Tel. 0541.620.710


Tiny taste.

Though it's been around since 1946, recent reinvention has made it more stylish and Michelin-worthy. That's not necessarily a prize of itself, but the place has definitely reawakened. With reawakening comes fusion and minimalism, which is the smaller-portion downside (and the price rise). Well worth it are tortellini di fagiano (green pasta with a filling of pheasant) and stracotto (simmered beef). The chocolate cake (tortino al cioccolato has hot chocolate and grappa. Closed in August. — David Amory

Major Credit Cards  
Via Repubblica, 71, Parma, IT-PR Map
Tel. 0521.285.952
Closed Mondays

Pizzeria L'Artista  

Hidden pizzeria...

Good general pizzeria that handles both the pies and the rest of the menu with ability. Mostly an insiders hangout. Bistecca and pesce spada for those who can’t bear a hot pie. — Corinna Amendola

Major Credit Cards  
Via Bruno Longhi, 3/A, Parma, IT-PR Map
Tel. 0521.230.146
Closed Mondays

Ristorante Duchessa Isabella  

The stylish duchess...

Dine in this 16th-century mansion, surrounded by painted wooden ceilings, taffeta, velvet, and frescoes. Movers-and-shakers hold court in the main dining room and Evelina presides. Lovely intimate side rooms, too, in tones like sage and dusty pinks. Cialda di Parmigiano, a delicate basket of melted Parmesan cheese, held lightly fried vegetables mixed with fresh greens. Cappellacci were pasta pillows plump with pureed pumpkin or wild herbs. Lamb cutlets grilled with crisp vegetables were excellent. Faraona (guinea fowl) and pollo alla diavolo were also good. — Judy Edelhoff

Major Credit Cards  
Via Palestro, 70, Ferrara, IT-FE Map
Tel. 0532.202121/202122

Ristorante Ripa  

Ripa: Reasonable and good.

Mario runs a simple joint. Pumpkin cappellacci with ragù followed by grilled strips of beef with rughetta. The fixed price tourist menu is a good deal and includes wine and dessert. House wine might cost less than the water, but is a decent Sangiovese. — Judy Edelhoff

Via Ripagrande 21/a, Ferrara, IT-FE Map
Tel. 0532.769.710
Closed Tuesdays


Verdure in yogurt sauce.

Solid Indian and Pakistani spot in Prati (near Ottaviano Metro), Shanti does first-rate tandoori and good curry. Staff is cordial and engaging, though inner décor is overdone — unlike the food. Try polpette di verdure in yogurt sauce, which has traces of spice and sweetness. Good for vegetarian diners. — Cristina Polli

Major Credit Cards  
Via Fabio Massimo, 68-70, Rome, IT-RM Map
Tel. 06.324.4922
Open Daily

Tamburini Antica Salsamenteria Bolognese  

Via Drapperie, Bologna.

A deli and wine shop that serves hot lunches, too, right in the center. The cheeses, cured meats, and salads alone are too good to resist! The wine on tap won’t win any awards but it’s far cheaper than water. Better yet is Giovanni’s own Taburini label or Terre di Capitani’s Sagrantino. Great place to put together a picnic lunch to go, too. Friendly, cozy, and reasonable prices. — Judy Edelhoff

Via Caprarie, 1, Bologna, IT-BO Map
Tel. 051.234.726
Closed Sundays

Trattoria Corrieri  

The traditional look.

Hams hang from the ceilings of this old-school osteria. When it’s packed (often on weekends) it can be off-putting: Best for Parma veterans. Otherwise you can get an interesting meal that ranges from the delighful (gnocchi con gorgonzola e noci; blue cheese and walnuts) the to the unusual (vecchia di cavallo; horse meat). Risotto alla Parmigiana is abundant, as is the stinco. Tortelli are filled with ricotta, pumpkin (zucca), potatoes or ricotta and beet leaves (erbette). — Corinna Amendola

Strada Conservatorio, 1, Parma, IT-PR Map
Tel. 0521.234.426
Open Daily

Displaying 1 thru 20 of 23 restaurants.
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