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Restaurants in Naples

Amici Miei  

"Friendly" eggplant...

There’s fine meat (but no fish) at this family-run place, which values simple elegance. Paccheri Amici Miei is a stalwart eggplant-gorgonzola pasta dish. Simple veal steak (lombata) is delicious; they get good cuts. — Angela Della Notte

Major Credit Cards  
Via Monte di Dio, 78, Naples, IT-NA Map
Tel. 081.764.4981/6063
Closed Sundays

Antica Osteria Pisano  

Gnocchi and homemade desserts.

Pisano offers an interesting two-fer. It’s absolutely Neapolitan but you can actually ask to see a menu (as opposed to having it dictated to you by a loving but imperious owner). Good gnocchi and abundant pasta. The secondi are workmanlike. The homemade desserts are delicious. — Angela Della Notte

Piazzetta Crocelle ai Mannesi 1-4, Naples, IT-NA Map
Tel. 081.554.8325
Closed Sundays

Antica Trattoria La Campagnola  

Overlooking Piazzetta Nilo.

The best thing about La Campagnola is the large outdoor seating area and grumpy waiter Raffaelle. If your Italian isn’t great, check the blackboard for the day’s dishes or ask for a menu. Very good gnocchi alla sorrentina, linguine alle vongole, and mixed fried fish, plus great friarielli (a wild green found only in Campania). In Naples’ historic center, La Campagnola is a good for those with few euro and a fascination for people-watching. No credit cards. Open Monday-Saturday for lunch; Tuesday-Saturday for dinner. Closed Monday evenings and all day Sunday. — Michael Sedge

Piazzetta Nilo, 22, Naples, IT-NA Map
Tel. 081.5514930
Closed Sundays, Closed Mondays


The Queen's Pizza.

"Where pizza," goes the motto, "is a piece of history." Fair enough. Brandi, just off Via Chiaia, was founded in 1780 and credits its early ownership with the creation of the pizza Margherita. The pie was made for Queen Margherita (Maria Teresa Giovanna di Savoia, wife of Umberto I) on a visit to Naples in 1889. On subsequent trips the Savoy monarch would phone ahead (not quite) and ask the owners to have the ingredients brought by cart and donkey to her home away-from-Rome, Palace of Capodimonte. If you’re wondering about the history of the Italian tricolore flag look no further than the piazza, red tomatoes, green basil and white cheese. And yes, it tastes good. Overall, Brandi is an above-average eatery with most every Neapolitan specialty. For something different, try salsicce al forno, baked sausages. — Angela Della Notte

Major Credit Cards  
Salita Sant’Anna di Palazzo 1/2, Naples, IT-NA Map
Tel. 081.416928
Open Daily

Da Cicciotto  

Da Cicciotto's cave.

One of the city’s best fish restaurants built into a Posillipo cave. It’s a port joint all the way, founded in 1942 by Vincenzo Capuano (Don Vincenzo to you) for the crews of fishing boats and their families, as well as the malavita that ran the docks. The food advertises itself: carpaccios of every imaginable kinds: shrimp, prawns, mussels, assorted raw fish. Lobster linguini (aragosta) is a good prelude to grilled <>calamari. The straw chairs you see in summer aren’t seasonal: They’re year-round. Best to come here in summer, where you can look at Vesuvius and toward Capri from the outside tables. Wash your seafood down with Falanghina. The restaurant offers a free boat shuttle service. Call 338.380.9375. — Angela Della Notte

Major Credit Cards  
Calata ponticello a Marechiaro, 32, Naples, IT-NA Map
Tel. 081.575.1165
Closed Sundays

Da Michele  

The M&Ms — that's it...

Fine Naples traditional pizza. Princes and paupers show up for the no-frills classics — margherita or marinara, no other toppings. Wood-burning oven, white and green tile walls. Dining alone not a problem. Price varies according to quantity of mozzarella. Pizza and beer (alas, no wine) comes to €7. Lunch-dinner nonstop. Always packed, prepare to wait. (You'll find it at the corner of Via P. Colletta in the Tribunale district). — Judy Edelhoff

Cash Only  
Via Cesare Sersale, 1/3, Naples, IT-NA Map
Tel. 081.553.9204
Closed Sundays

Dal Tarantino  

Treats from the sea...

A tiny Pozzuoli establishment run by colorful chef Gennaro Bisci. The restaurant’s motto is "treats from the sea," and that is exactly what you get. Ask about the catch of the day and don’t go too heavy on the antipasto, because it’ll just keep coming until you’re stuffed. Call ahead to reserve. — Matt Santaspirt

Major Credit Cards  
Via Puteolana Maria,20, Naples, IT-NA Map
Tel. 081.526.6290
Closed Tuesdays

La Cantina di Via Sapienza  

Lupini, baby clams.

Gaetano Formato and the whole family chatter while feeding you the ultimate in Napolitano casareccia cuisine. Polpette al sugo con lupini (baby clams), penne aumma aumma (with eggplant and mozzarella), tagliata (strips of beef over salad), dozens of fabulous contorni (I swoon over the friarielli, mushroomed eggplant, spicy cauliflower, and sweet carrots), good house wines, and, if available, excellent babá, all at low prices. Ideal for a long Saturday afternoon with friends. Open for lunch Monday-Saturday 12 p.m.-3:30 p.m. — Michael Sedge

Cash Only  
Via Sapienza, 40/41, Naples, IT-NA Map
Tel. 081.459078
Closed Sundays

La Mattonella  

Calamaretti galore.

Pasta with calamaretti is delectable in this small restaurant replete with oddball wall tiles — hence the name. It’s been around forever (behind Piazza del Plebiscito) and actually serves delicious pesto Genovese. Mozzarella and eggplant (as an antipasto) and a pasta dish runs you only about €15. — Angela Della Notte

Cash Only  
Via Nicotera, 13, Naples, IT-NA Map
Tel. 081.416.541
Closed Sundays

Lo Scoglio  

Marina del Cantone circa 1950.

Chef-owner Antonietta Gargulio and her family pride themselves on buying practically nothing they serve at their 60-year-old glass-enclosed restaurant, which sits on a dock at the port of Marina del Cantone south of Naples. The fish come from the Gulf of Salerno. They have an organic vegetable garden and raise chemical-free cows, chicken and pigs. The must-have dishes include: polipo all’insalata, spaghetti alle zucchine, melanzane alla parmigiana). Though much-praised, this is not a guidebook restaurant; call them. — Angela Della Notte

Via Cava Ruffano, Marina del Cantone, IT-NA Map
Tel. 059.549.019/081.999.529
Closed Sundays


Mood is moody.

Mood is all about that. Here you get candles, champagne cocktails, a bar in the shape of a “L” and maybe just a too a few too many minimalist enticements. Most are directed to the bar crowd, which is sure-fire income. Put that behind you and you get to an undeniably handsome restaurant with inventive food. Chef Antonio Cuccurullo has his own blog where he advertises his latest concoctions. Among them: Tortelli al nero di seppia con mela verde e dadolata di gamberi (square pasta with cuttlefish, green aples and shrip); carbonara di ostriche (oyster carbonara) and hamburger di calamari con maionese centrifugata al limone (a calamari burger with lemon-tinged maionese). Open only four days a week, but until 4 a.m. — Angela Della Notte

Major Credit Cards  
Via Napoli, 161/163, Naples, IT-NA Map
Tel. 081.610.0852
Closed Mondays, Closed Tuesdays, Closed Wednesdays


Musicians in Pompei.

Traditional food and entertainment in true Neapolitan-style, which to say strolling musicians and pointed serenades. Owner Michele Costanzo (who runs an excellent kitchen) is pleased to accommodate English-speaking clients. Enjoy! — Matt Santaspirt

Major Credit Cards  
Gradini Amedeo, 12, Naples, IT-NA Map
Tel. 081.664.804
Closed Mondays

Picchio Verde  

Leave it in the owner's hands.

A bargain, family-run establishment with traditional, home-style cooking. Tonino, the animated owner, is a joy. Don’t ask for a menu, just put your trust in him and let the food flow. If you’re looking for something unique, ask Tonino to prepare carbonara with green tomatoes. Open at 1 p.m. for lunch, with dinner starting at 7 p.m. In the Acerra district. — Matt Santaspirt

Cash Only  
Via D. Colasanto, 8, Naples, IT-NA Map
Tel. 081.520.7013
Closed Mondays

Pizzeria Di Matteo  

Casual Di Matteo.

Salvatore Di Matteo got this pizzeria up going in the Fascist 1930s and it hasn’t changed much since the start-up. A one-time cold storage plant, it's all slab marble tables with the pizza oven in full view of diners. You find the usual pizza suspects, margherita and napoletana, but some twists. Fried pizza, for example. No frills here, just dough, toppings, cook, and serve. — Angela Della Notte

Via dei Tribunali, 84, Naples, IT-NA Map
Tel. 081.455.262
Closed Sundays

Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo  

Gino says, "Accept no substitutes."

If you’re searching for great pizza in Naples, here’s a place to try. The number of people waiting patiently outside this family-run restaurant demonstrate its worth. There are now three generations of the Sorbillo family in the pizza business, in Italy and the United States. Reservations highly advisable. Open 12:00-3:30 p.m. for lunch, 9-11:30 p.m. for dinner. Closed Sundays, except in December. — Suzanne Bush

Major Credit Cards  
Via Tribunali, 32, Naples, IT-NA Map
Tel. 081.446.643
Closed Sundays

Ristorante Steak House  

Meat in Vomero.

If you prefer western flavor, the Vomero district of Naples offers one of the best. Recently renovated to include more space, it is still a semi-small locality that has become popular in recent years. Reservations are necessary. The Steak House, as one might imagine, offers superb Argentine beefsteak and all the trimmings. — Matt Santaspirt

Major Credit Cards  
Piazzetta Aniello Falcone, 2, Naples, IT-NA Map
Tel. 081.578.2306
Closed Mondays


Sfogliatella at Scarturchio.

A Naples must. Excellent babŕ (sponge cake with rum). Try the sfogliatella filled with warm ricotta cream (secret to the "clamshell" crust is suina, or pork lard). Pastry shop is popular with locals for light lunch. Excellent artichoke torta, creamy with bechamel and cheese. Kids pile in for gelato after school. Great coffee (passalacqua). Open 7:30 a.m.-8:20 p.m. Near San Domenico Maggiore. — Judy Edelhoff

Major Credit Cards  
Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, 19., Naples, IT-NA Map
Tel. 081.551.6944
Closed Sundays

Trattoria Ribot  

Ribot's steaks.

Excellent food served in a ranch-style environment (the owner loves horses). Try the Ribot steak platter, or any of the primi — all excellent. Good house wine, as well as select national brands. In Giugliano. — Matt Santaspirt

Major Credit Cards  
Via Lago Patria, 264, Naples, IT-NA Map
Tel. 081.509.2378
Closed Mondays

Zi’ Teresa  

Zi' on the sea.

For a bustling, noisy and popular harbor place, here’s a nice detail: All sweets are still homemade. So don’t miss the local babŕ, a giant donut smothered in cream. Zia Teresa (who else) cooked for local fisherman, and in 1916 the daily routine turned into business. Food? What else? Sit at a table overlooking the port (book in advance) and order bruschetta, penne all’arrabbiata and orata all’acqua pazza (roasted bream). Or go all-seafood: antipasti, spaghetti alle vongole, cozze (clams), and the day’s fresh catch, announced loud and clear by a hustling wait staff. There are also some backup turf dishes. Michelin and Gambero Rosso have always tipped their hat to Zi', which hasn’t really made the seafood taste any better (they had that part down), but has raised per head prices to a daunting €80 and up. — Angela Della Notte

Major Credit Cards  
Borgo Marinari, 1, Naples, IT-NA Map
Tel. 081.764.2565
Closed Mondays

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