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In the Sticks

Elisa Scarton Detti

Elisa lives and writes in the smallest but most resplendent corner of the Tuscan countryside, the Maremma. She maintains a travel blog.

Ladies at the hairdresser

Deciding to go for that vaguely blonde look can put you in a world where secrets fade faster than hair color.

Let's start over

After years of snarling at her expat status, the author offers an olive branch to the Tuscan town of Manciano.

Over someone's dead body

When an Australian of passionate southern roots gets Italian citizenship, there's big trouble in polite Tuscany.

Until the fat lady sings

Ever hear the one about the husband who runs for mayor and ends up with a helping of humble pie?

101 days of solitude

When you're reluctant to be First Lady, you can find yourself off the campaign trail if not the planet.

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