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Suzanne's Taste

Suzanne Dunaway

Suzanne divides her time between the U.S, Italy and southern France.

Foodie and finicky

Saying "no thanks" to a wide variety of foods is a Western affliction that cuts out whole segments of the world's bounty and insults the poor.

Frozen French

A host's amazing dinner turns out to hail from a wholly unexpected source, a frozen food outlet.

Six degrees of separation

Vignarola is a traditional Italian spring delight, but sometimes it's best to let the vegetables express themselves.

Past perfect

Memories of dishes made and eaten, and above all of tastes, can help sum up a lifetime of ups and downs and meals shared.

A comedy of manners

Minding your table manners can be extremely useful, and polite, so long as you know one size doesn't necessarily fit all.

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