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Stephen Daldry's Rio-set delight pits destitute boys against conniving local authorities.


British director Morgan Matthews' debut feature tackles math, love and autism.

Still Alice

Julianne Moore and Kristin Stewart make a film about Alzheimer's into a powerhouse.

Stonehearst Asylum

Brad Anderson uses a Poe story to concoct a mental asylum period piece.

The Heart Machine

Skype, make-believe and lies can be "fun," but don't count on an enduring relationship.

Blue Ruin

Jeffrey Saulnier's low-budget thriller transforms rural Virginia into into a medieval dungeon.



Scott Derrickson's foray into paranormal serial killings contrives its suspense.


Gone Girl

David Fincher's latest covers betrayal, media hype and how a bad economy can open lurid doors.

Night Moves

Kelly Reichardt's movie can't decide if it's about ecoterrorism or youth estrangement.

Science Fiction

I Origins

Mike Cahill goes off the rails in his sci-fi bid to makes eyes into a faith-driven life form.

Date: 2008
Directed by: Jack Watkins
Starring: Kelly Reilly, Michael Fassbender, Jack O'Connell, Thomas Turgoose

Eden Lake

In writer-director James Watkins' vicious but formulaic gore-fest, Jenny (Kelly Reilly) and Steve (Michael Fassbender) is a young London couple headed for a romantic camping weekend beside a lake near a little-known quarry in the British Midlands. "At the first opportunity, turn around," their prescient navigator advises them monochromatically, and they laugh. But in stories such as these computer tip-offs are a harbinger. In the woods lurk an infinitely sadistic and homicidal cluster of teens, Droogies on bikes, and so begins the clash between young urban civilians and hormonally charged rural barbarians.

The rest is a gruesome cat-and-mouse game that demonstrates — surprise, surprise — that brutality courses in everyone's veins and a girlfriend's wrath is nothing to treat lightly. All it takes is a nudge in extinction's direction and a few leaking organs.

Watkins inflicts relentless visual pain, but to what end remains something of a mystery since he hits the same nail time and again, never shedding much light on how his nihilistic barbarians came around to their blood lust. Reilly admittedly puts on quite a display in transforming herself from abused to avenger, prey to predator, but the story's deck is stacked from the start. If only it ended in the woods, which is doesn't, making happy escapes the stuff of some other galaxy.

Jack O'Connell (then 17) is the lead thug, and a convincing one, setting himself up to go a brilliant step further in the 2012 "Starred," a prison drama that gave his ability to transmit malevolence a sense of context and logic.

Reviewed by: Marcia Yarrow
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