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Little tolerance, little awareness

By Dianne Bennett
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Closing Argument

Don Carroll

Don is an American attorney with a U.S. tax and legal practice in Rome (see his website). His views do not represent legal advice.

Quality control

Mass murderers bypass social safeguards by not standing out. Which places the onus on their "tools."

Trump's tax teachings

In 1995, the U.S. president produced a mammoth loss, which he rode out to a dubious resurrection.

Not so fast

Relinquishing U.S. citizenship is one thing. But traveling without it means being prepared.

Expatriation games

U.S. tax laws intended to discourage people from giving up citizenship can lead to the opposite.

Imperiled exchanges

The White House's new incumbent doesn't see much need for global cooperation, which could place longstanding cultural exchanges in peril.

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