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Prelude to a vote

By Christopher P. Winner
Published: 2006-04-01

Berlusconi undeniably has filled the void. He is, billions aside, an assertive, reactionary voice that represents singleness of purpose.

Is such a reactionary void-filler as appropriate in 2006 as it was five years ago?

Does a wealthy Citizen Kane who loves America and doesn’t believe conflict of interest applies to him the kind of leader Italy wishes to again embrace as the West nears the start of its third post-Cold War decade? Is his Italian self-help manual still relevant?

The Left, an improbably glued together Humpty Dumpty coalition led by a Humpty Dumpty-like man in Prodi, insists Berlusconi has outdated himself. He’s dead, it says, but doesn’t know it yet.

To which Berlusconi responds with his trademark burnished grin.

Power doesn’t date or die, he says. Power merely is.

Which means he is, and is as he wishes to be, until proven otherwise.

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