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See ad rates section at foot of home page or email: maginfo@theamericanmag.com.

Web Ad Rates

Annual RateMonthly Rate
Top lead banner2,750.00210.00
Skyscraper Right Display2,900.00225.00
Large Right Display1,200.0095.00
Medium Right Display800.0070.00
Small Right Display700.0060.00
Bottom Banner600.0050.00

All advertising prices are quoted net of 20% IVA (V.A.T.)


Ad TypeAd SizeMaximum Ad Weight
Top Banner234px X 60pxStatic: 15K; Animated: 27K
Skyscraper Right Display418px X 209pxStatic Only: 23K
Large Right Display209px X 209pxStatic Only: 15K
Medium Right Display209px X 138pxStatic Only: 11K
Small Right Display209px x 103pxStatic Only: 11K
Bottom Banner468px X 60pxStatic Only: 15K


All ads must be 72dpi web-ready RGB .jpeg or .gif files only. Please export all web ad files through Fireworks, Photoshop-web ready, or a similar application. Files saved out of a photo editing program as straight .jpeg or .gif image will be rejected by our web content editor.

Animated Ads

Animated ads are only allowed on theamericanmag.com in the Top Lead Banner positions. Ads rotate every 20 seconds. Animated ads should have no more than 3-4 frame sequences and rotate through the sequence in two 10 second intervals or three 6-7 second intervals. Web ready animated .gif only.


Ads can usually be placed within two business days of receipt. Please email your ad to maginfo@theamericanmag.com. (Please be sure to include URL link information in your correspondence.) All ads must be submitted in the correct size; our web department is unable to accommodate making any changes to ads.

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