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Breezes past

Growing up, the end of the school year brought Karamel Sutra and the tall rocks of the Atlantic coast.

Balls away

When the time comes to slice off male pig genitalia, having Steve McQueen-style vet helps.

Going home

The thought of an Australian family visit elicits anything but visions of sugarplums.

The perils of doing nothing

Pretending deadlines don't exist can be a lot of fun, if only Italy and the IRS agreed. They don't.

Drama queen

Saying "no drama" when it comes to human relationships can be like saying "no life."


Area 51

Voice in the night

There are times when sound of a stranger's voice can change how you imagine the planet.

Psych Dept.

The debt game

A 1966 move Roberto Rosselli film inadvertently hits on one of today's most pressing issues: college debt.

Southern Notes

Ghosts of the southern wild

Living in the American South means seeing the Confederacy as a living, breathing, and dangerous symbol.

In the Sticks

Going home

For one Australian, the idea of a family visit in winter (August) falls well short of sugarplums.

La Una

Meet the novelist

Well, not quite yet. But the adventure in creating credible lies has begun.


The forgotten ones

Cuban author Daína Chaviano advances the cause of the island's little-discussed heritage.

Milan Notebook

Daydream of the before

The rituals of travel have come a long way since their heady days on the eve of World War I.


The bone boys

Doctors can suffer from the "curse of knowledge," speaking in jargon patients struggle to understand.

American Girl

Age in motion

Changing geography can be an exciting prospect, but what happens when the illusion fades?


The bone boys


Closing Argument

The perils of doing nothing

Ignoring deadlines can be fun, if only Italy and the IRS bought into the idea. They don't.


The Economist

No love lost

The tug of war between the EU and Greece reflects the face of a divided and changing Europe.



Vocal manipulations

Karin Krog and Future, though from different musical solar systems, show the power of the voice.


Lost in Translation

Drama queen

Some say "no drama" when it comes to relationships. They might as well also be saying "no life."


Teaching tolerance

When an Obama-loving kid gets out of line, an exasperated mother has to take emergency measures.

2nd Generation

Breezes past

Once upon a time, the end of school brought Karamel Sutra and the Atlantic coast.

That's Queer

A man and a woman

Transgender weddings seem to exist outside the same-sex marriage debate, but they do raise questions.


Having it once

A chance encounter on a rum-soaked Puerto Rico adventure can remain a passing fancy.


Fuori Mappa

The teacher

In school, Michela De Pasquale was too smart to study. Now, she's studying and training horses.

The Farm

Balls away

When it's time to slice off male pig genitalia, having Steve McQueen-style vet helps.

Rye Wyt

Pelvic adventures

When you're married to the daughter of a Marine colonel you learn to respect sides.

Divin Codino


The NBA draft and European soccer transfers have the same aim, but their approaches differ.

First Person

Sandy's world

A sublet apartment can give you a window into another woman's soul, until you feel like closing it.


Don't hate snakes

Italian local feasts, sagre, are ostensibly about religion, but food and ritual are the real meal tickets.


Plunging euro

The euro has plunged from its 1.35-1.40 status of recent years, but parity with the dollar is unlikely.


Summertime dates

Jackson Pollock's "Energy Made Visible" in Venice, also films in English.


In Provincia

Apples of memory

When someone you love dies, honor them by making a dish you once joyously shared.

Suzanne's Taste

Cereal killer

Why not take a non-muesli and corn flakes route to high fiber, as in oatcakes?

Gina's Cellar

Rediscovering Lazio

Long associated with modest white wines, the region that hosts Rome is showing its red side.

In Cucina

Arabian ice

The Arab presence in Sicily produced granita and cremolato, icy staples on which Italy depends.

Vino Infinito

Mezzo Americano

À la "Sliding Doors," seemingly minor decisions, depending on which way you turn, can transform lives.

Pete Pescatore

He'll have the octopus

When it's 100 in the shade and you get an ornery fritto misto, reach for the Vermentino.

Da Germano

Pumpkin man

Dealing with a sore throat and pondering hooligans means cooking up soup from the goat store.


IN FOCUS: While We're Young

Noah Baumbach hits some true notes in a New York comedy about generational confusion..

UN CERTAIN REGARD: The old writer speaks

Frank Langella's rendition of an aging and vulnerable New York writer is acting of rare beauty.

1,001 MOVIES: Red Army

This remarkable look at the Soviet hockey dynasty of the 1970s and 80s is also a passion play.


SCRIPTORIUM: War in mind

Pamela Schoenewaldt offers World War I historical fiction sympathetic to the plight of German-Americans.

RECENT REVIEWS: The Mersault Investigation

Algerian journalist Kamel Daoud beats incredible odds in re-imagining Camus' "The Stranger."

NOTEWORTHY TITLES: The Making of the Zombie Wars

Aleksandar Hemon takes a sincere crack at screwball comedy, but he swings and misses.

Day and Boarding International High School in the Heart of Rome

Everything you need to know about visiting or moving to Tuscany, Italy.

The teacher
Draft tales
Daína Chaviano
The marital bed
Double standard