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The cat, the mayor, the plot

When you have an unwanted (and persistent) cat visitor, evasive measures are essential. But what if they don't work?

Life, death and cheese

The author pitched a cheese show, and the result has opened a window into a new world.


Entertaining a visitor in Brooklyn means telling him about the rude volume of the streets.

Crushes of old

Buried devotion to Michael Phelps comes bubbling to the surfaces at a Rome swim meet.

Deadly consent

Orlando again shows how open religious disdain for the LGBT community can produce violence.


Area 51


Four decades before Brexit, Paddy Chayefsky picked up on its spirit and presented it presciently.

Milan Notebook

Summer, ascending

Tumultuous weeks seem to have little impact on Milan's sacrosanct rites of summer.


In need of history

The author, who has worked with the Model United Nations, argues that knowing the past is more fundamental than ever.


Preparing to help

The end of a medical student's first year brings reflections on the meaning of the word "practice."

Psych Dept.

The once and future king

At times that call for decisions we're sometimes governed by an inner chorus of powerful voices.

Southern Notes

Emmett and Leonard

In Sumner, Mississippi, a groundskeeper stirs memories of a darkness that won't go away.


The crown's will


Closing Argument

The crown's will

Until the tumultuous rule of Henry VIII, church and state controlled where your possessions went after death.


The Economist

Right now

Rightist movements are beginning to find a home on the center stage of global politics.



Beginning with Ben Lukas Boysen

The new album by the Berlin-based electronic producer and sound designer is a resonantly emotional experience.



Anatomy of a banishing

Passion can be more thrilling than words. But listen to the words when they do come.

That's Queer

Deadly consent

The Orlando attack again illustrates the risk posed by religious hatred toward the LGBT community.

2nd Generation

Crushes of old

A writer's love of Michael Phelps resurfaces just in time for the Rio Summer Olympics.

In the Sticks

The cat, the mayor, the plot

When you have an unwanted cat visitation, evasive measures are essential. But what if they don't work?

American Girl


Entertaining a visitor means telling him about the rude violence of Brooklyn's streets.

Lost in Translation

Lost in translation

Finding solace and silence in Japan also means coming to accept smiles as a form of expression.

La Una

The chipped arrowhead

A veteran translator appraises her "hardening," otherwise known as maturity.


The Farm

Rule by mum

Bullying makes less of an appearance in Italian rural life, but there's no clear explanation why.

Divin Codino

God and other details

With the expanded format now including a few hungry minnows, expect a rollicking ride through Euro 2016.

Free-Range Kid

Do I have to?

Procrastination is as certain as death and taxes, just ask Menelaus and Napoleon.


Cornetti tales

Cornetti are not croissants, but Rome is gradually coming around to fine morning pastry.


On arrival

Despite moaning and groaning, Fiumicino customs isn't the problem. It's luggage.


Summer breezes

Helmet Newton's photography in Venice, plus films in English.


In Provincia

Di Filippo's magic

In Umbria, natural winemaker Roberto Di Filippo looks to the moon, and geese.

In Cucina

Lessons in cheese

On a lark, the author pitched a cheese show, and the result opened a window into a new world.

Gina's Cellar

Character references

A wine's "upbringing" is essential in understanding its character, color and diversity.

Suzanne's Taste

The art of "waiting"

A waiter can be so much more than a server, particularly in Rome, where serving is an art.

Vino Infinito

Birthday pillaging

Barbarians at the gate — otherwise known as a birthday sleepover — can drive you to drink, specifically vintage rosé.

Da Germano

Gangs of Rome

When an aging relative tells century-old tales, secret stories come spilling out, some of them about violence.


IN FOCUS: The Ones Below

David Farr's creepy thriller about babies and unstable mothers is at once unsettling but predictable.

UN CERTAIN REGARD: Don't call me captain!

Tim Miller's "Deadpool" works so hard at being a satire it eventually wears away its vulgar welcome.

1,001 MOVIES: Regression

Alejandro Amenábar's mediocre devil-worship thriller is really an object lesson in manipulated hysteria.


RECENT REVIEWS: Swallowed by the Cold

Jensen Beach's 15 stories are set in Sweden and convey equal doses of wisdom and melancholy.

SCRIPTORIUM: Dissecting America

The stories in Ben Marcus's "New American Stories" place the U.S. on an operating table.

NOTEWORTHY TITLES: A Little Lumpen Novelita

Roberto Bolaño's understated Rome-set novella is a posthumous example of the Chilean writer's genius.

Day and Boarding International High School in the Heart of Rome

Everything you need to know about visiting or moving to Tuscany, Italy.

A banishment
All about practice
Gangs of Rome
The arrowhead